Urbanization: Redefining the Boundaries of Living Amidst Urbanization

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According to conventional wisdom, the widely held belief that Urbanization was detrimental to the environment played a major speed breaker when it came to implementing a proper framework for city growth. This myth is proving insignificant especially over the last fifty years, which has seen Urbanization across many low-to-middle income countries increasing rapidly. When we speak of urbanization, we speak strictly about the total national population living in areas classified as urban, vis a vis the concept of urban growth, which strictly is the increase in the absolute size of an urban population, which could be at the level of an individual settlement or a collection of settlement.

Urbanization and urban growth usually walk hand in hand, and in the current world living scenario, it is predicted that by 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanized. With developing countries now coming up with solutions to avoid the unpredictable growth of cities, access to space is now at a premium in cities, that are centers of industry, commerce, transportation, innovation, education, technological advances, and jobs. Urban residents are also conscious of the environment and seek similar conscientiously developed products and solutions to meet their needs and transform their living spaces. The corona virus's well-documented impact enforced isolation in one's homes has further encouraged consumers to seek out these preferred products.

At LIXIL, innovation and consumer centricity have been at the core of every offering and this has kept us ahead of the curve in catering to the ever-evolving needs of our consumers. Our global power brand – American Standard has been true to its purpose of making pioneering technology and design accessible to the people. With the American Standard City Bathroom range, we combine cutting-edge design concepts with world-class technologies to create highly personalized solutions for our consumers.

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As part of the collection, the integrated washbasins are ergonomically designed with drainage relocated to the sides freeing up storage space in the center of the vanity. The water outlets have pullout functionality so the user can perform multiple actions, like washing hair, filling up buckets, etc. The cabinets above the basin are multipurpose with adjustable shelves to store essential items and power plugs to use electrical appliances for daily needs and customs. With the support of macro architecture and the latest technologies, the toilets have been designed impactfully with integrated storage compartments utilizing every inch of space for consumers’ convenience. Through these advanced products and design technologies, we are committed to redefining the boundaries of living and focusing on the new standard of hygiene to deliver a truly satisfying experience.