The PERFECT Balance.

American Standard Auto Temperature Mixer Collection promises a hassle-free and comforting shower experience at your fingertips. Featuring a unique blend of ergonomics and technology, the collection offers a customizable shower by pre-setting your preferred temperature and volume of water.

Elevate your shower experience to a brand new level of enjoyment and convenience for you and your family!

EasySET Exposed

EasySET Concealed



Comfort is

Indulge in the soothing flow of water that remains at a constant temperature whenever you take a shower. The water temperature feels just right without having to fumble with the controls.


Provides a constant and comfortable temperature.


Your Safety,
Our Priority

The button at the bottom of the handle locks the temperature for greater safety. Let the little ones enjoy a safer shower experience without a sudden change in water temperature.


Safety temperature control up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails.

safety lock

For a safer shower experience, water temperature is always maintained at a comfortable 38°C.
You will need to press the button to get water hotter than 38°C.


Body of faucet stays cool and prevents scalding shocks.


Savings Meets

With the smart and easily-adjustable Eco Lock function, you can now eliminate unnecessary water wastage for greater savings. Being eco-friendly is as easy as adjusting a lever.

water saving

Water-saving for ecological and economical sense.


Eco-Lock feature pre-sets to consume 50% of water supply, without compromising user’s shower experience. To increase water volume, the user needs to press the Eco-Lock button to turn up the volume controller handle a notch higher.

*TemptaCion only

Clever design at times, works like magic. The same mixer now holds your toiletries like how it is meant to be.
No more fumbling moments with the hand shower holder that allows you to adjust its height in just one fluid twist-and-go movement.
With a simple push of a button, you can easily switch between 3 spray functions for an indulgent shower of your choice.
Simply hide away the bath spout for more space flexibility and safety in the bathroom.


For Ultimate Showering Convenience

No more fluctuations or adjusting to your desired temperature. EasySET Exposed maintains the correct balance of hot and cold water based on the user’s pre-set temperature. With its sleek ergonomic design, it blends in perfectly into any contemporary bathroom – all thoughtfully designed for everyone’s comfort and convenience.