How to Choose a Massage Tub

Build your own personal spa oasis around one of American Standard’s massage bathtubs. With every option from the gentle, soothing bubbles of an air bath to the stronger, vigorous massage of a whirlpool, to the variety of a combo massage or a wellness tub, American Standard’s tubs offer something for everyone.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a new massage tub…

What type of massage system is right for you?

Whirlpools are perfect for those looking for a strong deep tissue massage to soothe sore muscles and joints or to reduce stress. A whirlpool uses a pump to force water through the jets. Many American Standard whirlpools include one or more air volume controls which allow precise control of jet force levels by adding air into the water jets to soften the force.

Enjoy the gentle pampering of thousands of warm air bubbles with American Standard’s airpools. Air baths use a blower and built-in heater to force warm air through perfectly smooth air jets located around the tub perimeter. The air jets are quiet, self-draining, and easy to clean, while the built-in heating unit keeps the water warm. Selecting the strength of the air bubble massage, from calm and gentle to brisk and invigorating, is made with the touch of a button.

Wellness Tubs
American Standard’s wellness series tubs combine the massage jets from a whirlpool with the relaxing smooth air jets from an air bath which allows you to choose from a variety of massage options, ranging from a gentle air bubble massage to an invigorating water jet massage, to match a wide range of bathing needs. Wellness tubs also come with ozone generation and chromatherapy system that uses multi-coloured light wave reflections for a holistic approach to healing one’s body and mind.

Air Jets
Designed to excite the skin and massage the body, American Standard’s perfectly smooth air jets around the tub perimeter pamper you with thousands of warm air bubbles to create a unique form of gentler hydrotherapy.

Number of Jets
Whirlpool jets should surround and soothe the entire body. When choosing a whirlpool, consider the number and location of the jets. Some whirlpools feature extra or specialized jets in specific areas such as the lumbar region.

What kind of installation fits your bathroom design?

American Standard bathtubs come in a variety of installation types to match nearly any bathroom design.

Deck mounted
Deck mounted tubs, also called drop-in tubs, feature a self-rimming finished edge and are ‘dropped’ into a surrounding platform. These tubs can be installed in a variety of locations including corners, recesses, and islands. They can also be sunk into a floor so that the rim is at floor lever. Deck mounted tubs are supported from below.

Undermounted tubs are mounted under the deck of the surrounding platform creating a smooth deck surface. These tubs can be installed in a variety of locations including corners, recesses, and islands. The tub is supported from below.

Alcove installations consist of a tub location that is surrounded by walls on three sides. Both integral apron tubs and tubs with optional aprons can be installed in alcove locations. Some models come with an integral tile flange to keep water from getting between the tub and the walls. For alcove tubs it is important to choose a tub with the correct drain location, either left or right-hand.

Freestanding baths can be installed nearly anywhere within a bathroom. The tub is often supported by a decorative base or individual feet. Freestanding tubs often come in clawfoot or slipper soaking models.

Corner or triangle tubs are designed to fit into the corner of a room. These tubs can be either deck mounted or available with a front apron. Most corner tubs are five sided, two sides that meet the corner walls and a three sided front, but can also come with a bowed front. Many are designed for two person bathing.

How big is your bathroom?

Space can be a problem when choosing a massage tub. It can be helpful to first measure the space to find which sized tub will best fit before looking at tubs. This way you don’t fall in love with a large tub that won’t fit your bathroom. Many of American Standard’s massage tubs come in the same sizes as bathtubs so there are plenty of options to choose from even for small spaces.

When choosing a size also consider how much water the tub will use. Massage tubs can hold a lot of water, up to 90 gallons which can raise two issues. First, if you live in an area with water shortages, you might consider a smaller model. Second, it may use more water than your hot water heater can hold. Ask your plumber. A second heater can be easily installed or consider an in-line bath heater. In addition, be sure the floor can support the extra weight.

What style do you like?

Bathroom fixtures set the tone for your total bathroom look. Your toilet, basin and massage tub can have design elements that harmonize with each other. However, since tub designs are often less stylized than other fixtures such as the toilet, you can often mix and match similar designs.

What other options are important to you?

Chromatherapy is a lighting system that consists of LEDs located below the waterline which flood the water with a range of calming colors that can be selected manually or cycled automatically to match your mood. Chromatherapy systems are offered on both air baths and combo massage systems.

Once your tub is filled with warm water, you will want a way to keep the temperature warm to prolong a comfortable and soothing bathing experience. American Standard massage tubs all come with either built in or optional heaters to keep the water warm.