3 Ways To Add A Rustic Charm To Your Bathroom

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The charming and welcoming nature of rustic bathrooms has inspired homeowners and interior designers for decades. The modern rustic bathroom look includes elements of raw wooden surfaces and natural stone combined with contemporary touches to deliver a new style of unpolished elegance. Here are three ways to add a rustic, timeless appeal to your bathroom.

1. Rustic Colours

By carefully choosing your bathroom colour palette, you have the power to transform the space into a serene and relaxing haven. Rustic colour schemes generally include organic and neutral hues such as brown, olive green and greys. These shades can be integrated within many features of the bathroom – from the wall paint to decor items. Alternatively, to create a genuinely rustic-themed bathroom and unite all elements, try medium wood tones, stone and earthy textures.

2. Incorporating Wood

Wood is the most common element utilised in a rustic bathroom as it provides a gentle balance between other elements that is both charming and functional. Wood can be used to build spectacular bathroom cabinets and vanities, ultimately making white fixtures such as the basin pop. To take it a step further, create an absolute statement by using wood for ceiling covers, flooring and panels. While it is durable, it should be treated to prevent any stains and deterioration.

3. Upcycling Materials and Decor

Introduce rusticity in your bathroom through antiqued and romantic decor sourced from flea markets and thrift stores. By repurposing decor and furnishings, you can create a tasteful vintage aesthetic while injecting a little character into the room. Better yet, this kind of sourcing is budget-friendly and makes for a fun DIY project.

If you’re looking for fixtures to compliment your rustic style bathroom, then be sure to consider American Standard’s Heron Collection. The collection is designed to suit any style of bathroom, completing the space with a timeless and quality finish.