4 Features Making Cleaning Toilets a Breeze

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4 Features Making Cleaning Toilets a Breeze

Cleaning your toilet is never on the top of the to-do list – It can be messy, awkward and is often the first thing to be used straight after you’ve cleaned it! American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Collection is taking the hard work out of cleaning toilets through modern designs and revolutionary technology.

  1. Quick release for a Cleaner Toilet

    As unappealing as the chore is, the toilet must be cleaned… and well! Sometimes it can be hard to clean behind the seat or around the hinges. The Acacia Evolution Collection range uses quick release seats, allowing easy access to all those hard to reach places.

  2. Rimless Design

    Not only does a rimless design look clean in terms of aesthetics but also in the sense of hygiene. The rim at the top of the bowl is often too small to access with a sponge or brush and is a prime location for bacteria, limescale and grime build up. Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be, choose a rimless design from the Acacia Evolution Collection and avoid the build-up of dirt over time – Making cleaning a breeze!

  3. Manage Water Stains

    Water stains can build up in your toilet and if not managed, can become difficult to remove. Cleaning your toilet regularly is important if you want to avoid hard water stains. Acacia Evolution toilets are designed with Proguard technology, preventing the build-up of water stains. Proguard allows water to effortlessly glide off toilet surfaces, preventing silica and dirt from bonding to the ceramic surfaces.

  4. Clean at the Touch of a Button

    The American Standard Double Vortex Flushing System built into the Acacia Evolution range, releases a powerful vortex of water that flushes waste away and cleans the bowl at the same time!

Cleaning the toilet has never been easier with Acacia Evolution’s toilet range. Try these 4 features in your bathroom and take the hard work out of cleaning.