Collection Spotlight: Acacia Evolution

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Collection Spotlight: Acacia Evolution

Aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, the Acacia Evolution Collection reflects an inherent understanding of form and function. Acacia Evolution’s modern design is expressed in soft lines and balanced proportions which create a sense of tranquility and calm.

With three stunning basin designs to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is perfect for your bathroom, so we have highlighted the best features of each to make your choice as simple as 1,2 or 3.

The first basin in this collection is a semi-inset, meaning that it is partially inset into the top of your vanity. This basin establishes a more refined style which creates more space above the counter and below, making it a perfect fit for smaller vanities and spaces.

Our semi-recessed basin also offers space maximising benefits by allowing vanity cabinets to be installed below your basin for storage. This is due to the semi-recessed basin sitting in front of cabinets and the benchtop, which means shallow cabinets and the ability to free up floor space beneath. Another added benefit of this design is it creates more storage for bathroom products such as cosmetics and frees up valuable bench space.

The third option is our round-vessel basin that sits completely on top of the bench top and are great for creating a statement fixture in your bathroom by exposing itself entirely above the bench. This basin is like a large bowl, meaning it can hold plenty of water with it’s extra depth.

To accompany the basin, there are two toilet options that go harmoniously with any choice.

The wall hung pan is mounted onto the wall itself not to the floor, creating ample space beneath which gives the illusion of more space in your bathroom. This design also results in the toilet being easier to clean as it is easier to manoeuvre around and adds a very modern and chic style to the bathroom interior.

Another great space-saving option is the back to wall pan toilet featuring a very contemporary yet functional look. All the pipes are concealed as well as the cistern, making this option a neat and tidy bathroom fixture. A major benefit of back to wall toilets are that they do not need a support frame, which provides the security of a fitted toilet without any frame installation concerns, resulting in a stylish yet functional bathroom piece.