Designing A Fun And Safe Kids Bathroom

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Many modern family homes not only have a master bathroom but a separate one for children to share. When designing these bathrooms, it is important to consider their individual needs and wants as elements will differ from those found in adult suites. From fun themes to safety-first fixtures, read along with our top tips to help you design the perfect bathroom for your little one’s!

Choose a fun theme

By designing the room around your children’s favourite book, character or fairytale, you can transform the space into a fun-filled little kingdom – like their own unique, personalised haven. Choose bright colours, bold patterns and decor that’ll keep them entertained. Better yet, if the room is filled with things they love, then they will enjoy bath time – taking the hard-work out of those morning and nighttime routines! Keep in mind their ever-changing interests and phases, so avoid going overboard with the one theme! Choose elements that are interchangeable and can be easily replaced such as paint, towels and decor as their tastes evolve.

Storage, storage, storage

In a kid-friendly bathroom, ample storage devices will be your saviour to control their messy habits. By having dedicated storage space, you can banish the clutter and create an organised system to store all their essentials. Open storage units contribute to a sleek and modern look, while minimising the risk of little fingers being caught in cabinet doors! The only downside is that items such as bottles and toys will be on display, but this can be avoided by filling shelves with baskets and hampers to hide any mess.

Built in safety

Bathrooms can be hazardous zone for children, so safety precautions are a must! From non-slip mats to reachable surfaces, as well as devices to avoid burns from too hot water – these are all necessities to have in place. But, let’s talk about the toilet…it gets dirty easily, may be hard to reach and can cause harm by lids that close too fast. That’s where American Standard has the perfect solution for you! The Acacia Evolution wall hung pan has a double vortex, self-cleaning flush system and rimless design to make cleaning effortless. It can be installed at a suitable height and is equipped with a soft-close seat mechanism to avoid any accidents – making it the perfect addition to a child’s bathroom.

Now is the time to transform your little one’s bathroom into a fun-filled haven equipped with superior safety to take the hard-work and stress out of bath time!