Is Your Bathroom Really As Clean As You Think?

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Visiting the bathroom is an everyday matter and being careless about bathroom hygiene may be hazardous to health. From the bacteria lurking on door knobs, basins to the toilet interior and seat itself, a bathroom visit can be quite a hygienic challenge – and falling sick is never fun.

Dangerous strains of bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), an intestine-affecting virus, can thrive in a bathroom environment where fecal matter is aerosolized with every toilet flush, causing any bathroom-user to fall sick. One of the symptoms include severe diarrhea – the second leading cause of death for children under 5 years old, cited by the World Health Organization.

As such, going touch-free with automated cleansing feature, sensor faucet and jet air hand dryer are good moves to reduce hand contact and combat bacteria. Especially in this case, E. coli bacteria easily travels from person to person, largely when infected adults and children do not wash their hands properly.

Now, how about the toilet surfaces you do not come into contact with? As the toilet can be a hotbed of diseases, what you know between safe and unsafe bathrooms can spell the difference between sickness and health.

Spare yourself the headache of severe diarrhea, flu or other infections by arming the bathrooms in your home with HygieneClean System by American Standard – a bundle of revolutionary technologies and innovations that assure your bathrooms to be safe, clean and hygienic.

Flushing Away The Threat

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For starters, waste can be efficiently removed by SiphonMax flushing technology – a dynamic vacuum mechanism, complete with side water jets that create a powerful swirl and a lower jet that completely eradicates waste so you never have to worry about opening the flood gates at the end of a long day.

Compared to conventional dual flush toilets, the Double Vortex flushing technology – a dual opening system that creates a powerful vortex to provide maximum flushing performance with minimal water usage, saves 0.4 litres of water for half flush and 2 litres for full flush.

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In-built Defense

And what if you’re a busy working adult who doesn’t have the time to scrub the toilet every single day? That’s where Aqua Ceramic anti-stain technology comes in. This award-winning super-hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces. It allows water to penetrate between contaminants and the toilet surface, ensuring waste is lifted off with our every flush.

It works hand-in-hand with ComfortClean antibacterial technology – a revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that’s fired right inside the porcelain. Tests conducted by the Industrial Microbiological Services Limited (IMSL) have proven that this glaze effectively kills or inhibits the growth of E. coli bacteria in the long run. Plus, it also means your toilet will retain its smooth interior surface even after years of use.

With these two technologies in your corner, you will still have to wash your toilet of course, but with less frequency and the assuredness that germs will have trouble lingering on its surfaces.

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Putting Hygiene And Cleanliness First

Backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies that offer the ultimate combination of comfort and performance to our customers. Delivered by powerful flushing, anti-stain and antibacterial technologies, American Standard HygieneClean system is the new standard of safety in your bathroom.

For the full list of toilet models featuring these technologies, visit our website.