Why You Should Go Big On Small Bathrooms


Who doesn’t dream of a big luxurious bathroom?

The thought of a spacious bathroom almost immediately relaxes one’s state of mind. However, with the growing trend of small apartments, many homeowners find that the size of bathrooms are also fast diminishing. Most homeowners now face the challenge of trying to fit wares and fittings into small, even tiny bathroom spaces.

Still, small bathrooms can work for you. Compact, functional bathrooms can be a bigger appeal to home dwellers, in large part due to the ease of cleaning.

Let us examine some reasons why you should embrace smaller bathrooms – especially if you have, or are planning to downsize to a smaller apartment.

After all, doesn’t the saying go, “The best things come in small packages”?

Smaller bathrooms force you to be more creative!

Working singles or small families usually tend to live in 30 to 50 square-meter apartments, which implies there is little space left for the bathroom. This situation is inevitable if you’re living in a densely populated urban city, along with the growing demand for small yet accessible living spaces.

This has resulted in people adapting to their smaller areas and getting resourceful to work with their limited space.

With smaller bathrooms, you get to be more creative. In other words, you start to think big with small spaces! Creative storage solutions (often hidden), interesting interior décor, accessible placement of daily necessities become the focus. Smaller bathroom spaces are also easier to work with. There are lesser walls to be tiled, painted, or wall-papered. And if you make a mistake, it is less costly and easier to rectify. You will also learn the best way to layout tiles (horizontally or vertically) to make your enclosed space look more spacious.