Your Extreme Enjoyment at Home Starts With a Push & Turn

Your Extreme Enjoyment at Home Starts With a Push & Turn

Depending on lifestyle habits, some people don’t put a lot of thought into the bathroom. They see it as a functional space to get the morning routine over and done with, so they can get on with whatever life beckons.

But the bathroom can be so much more. It can be a sacred sanctuary. Like a dandy spa, it can give you that extreme enjoyment you crave at the end of an excruciating work day! Imagine that sprightly step when you know you’ll be starting and ending each day right, just by investing a little more attention to the shower.

With a wide range of products like hand showers, overhead showers and body showers out on the market, it could be both confusing and daunting for beginners. Fortunately, American Standard has launched the brand new EasySET shower control, a bathroom fixture that provides you the flexibility to configure your shower preferences, and as the name suggests – easy to use.

Simply push to switch on, and turn to control the water intensity.

Intuitive push button

Homes are going smart these days, and why shouldn’t your bathroom be as well? While it is a matter of time before futuristic fantasies enter our homes, American Standard’s EasySET shower fixture proves to be the easy quick fix for your shower enjoyment. The usual way of turning on a shower is to lift the shower lever up and manually adjusting the lever to the left and right to get the optimum water temperature. With the EasySET, you can simply switch on the shower at a push of the button and adjust the water volume with a clockwise turn on the dial. The next time you step into the shower, all you have to do is push the button back on to enjoy the ‘saved’ shower experience, with your last preferred water temperature.

And the sexiest bathroom award goes to…

It goes both ways: there is beauty in practicality, and there is practicality in the beauty. That is what you get for your EasySET installation; it doesn’t just give you configurations possibilities, it also pairs up with the concealed thermostat mixer – a great addition that prevents fluctuations in water temperature — to give your bathroom a sophisticated, uncluttered and that made-for-each-other look.

The heart of the thermostatic mixer lies in our priority on safety; ‘ThermoSafe’ technology within the thermostat mixer is the real McCoy here, as it keeps the safety temperature up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails, thus keeping scalding at bay. Like the EasySET, you’d only need to adjust to your preferred water temperature once and you’ll enjoy a comfortable, worry-free shower for your next showers.

The EasySET displays clear, indicative icons so you know exactly what to control if you have more than just a couple of shower outlets installed. Depending on how luxurious you want your shower to be, you can choose to include the hand shower, overhead shower, body showers, any combo or all three.

Home spa experience

There is an increasing trend of homeowners opting for spa-like facilities in their own bathrooms, so they could rejuvenate at the end of the day with extra convenience. That is why we offer users this very option of designing their own EasySET shower configuration.

EasySET offers body showers which make it even easier to indulge in a luxurious experience akin to what you would get in a spa, or a jacuzzi. You are free to tilt it to target body parts of your liking or install them at varying heights to suit you or your family members.

Consider yourself warned, though; we’d imagine with the handshower and overhead shower switched on, and with the body showers jetting out water to relax your body, no one would want to be leaving this DIY spa sanctuary you’ve just created.