It’s no surprise that the place where you answer nature’s call is also the ideal place for bacteria growth. So how can we raise hygiene standards in your bathroom, specifically the toilet bowl? Nailing the three core traits of an all-rounded toilet –hygiene, comfort and convenience—is simply a matter of installing a bidet. You will be[...]
Q & A: Everything You Need To Know About The Spalet Shower toilets are becoming an increasingly common feature not just in hotel rooms, but are also finding their way into homes. Are you thinking about installing a Spalet in your bathroom, but need answers to help make your decision easier?
Making small changes to upgrade your bathroom in a big way is not difficult. One way is to add a Spalet into your bathroom. You may also know it as the bidet, and they come in many models ranging from manual bidets to electronic bidets which you can conveniently install on existing toilets, or upgrade to a full-service shower toilet. Think of[...]
Japan has a reputation for being the leaders of innovation. As a firm established in Japan since 1924, INAX has a deeply ingrained tradition of innovation, leading us to become a recognized name in ceramic tile manufacturing and toilet design. INAX first started gaining traction when our tiles were used in the design of the iconic Imperial[...]
Your Extreme Enjoyment at Home Starts With a Push & Turn Depending on lifestyle habits, some people don’t put a lot of thought into the bathroom. They see it as a functional space to get the morning routine over and done with, so they can get on with whatever life beckons. But the bathroom can be so much more. It can be a sacred sanctuary.[...]
Since 1872, American Standard has blazed the trails of innovation in bathrooms, pioneering numerous breakthroughs that have inspired today’s bathroom wares. The iconic brand has been creating dependable sanitary wares and fittings for residential, commercial and hospitality projects, and its legacy continues today in numerous landmark[...]